Professional profile

Translator, editor & interviewer

A medicine & pharma specialist with a strong background in zoology, agriculture and engineering.

A ProZ Certified PRO, accredited by the Association of Scientific and Technical Translators of Slovenia.

Of Slovenian, German and Hungarian ancestry. Native in Slovenian, near-native in English and comfortable with a bunch of other languages.

Daughter of a hospital lawyer and an engineer, a sibling of an inspector and a security officer, and a life partner of an IT expert. (You can imagine I’d be the weird one out if I weren’t into responsibility and precision.)

I hope some things about me are quite cool. I have an in-depth understanding of most roles in the linguistic project cycle because I’ve taken them all on. I know how to make life easier for the translator, the editor, the QA, the PM and the end buyer because I’ve already run a marathon in their shoes. (I can also swing a mattock like a champ which can be a cool skill but that’s a story for later.)

As for the less cool stuff, well I treasure my weekends which means there’s going to be a surcharge if you need a Monday delivery for a Friday hand-off. And while I’m absolutely delighted to undertake any linguistic test you need me to, I won’t do it for free. If it’s work it needs to be paid. (Yes I’m this progressive.)

Also, let’s be real. If your job requires you to spend a lot of time online and keep up with the news like mine does, then of course you’re going to have some degree of angst. Mine manifests itself as a substantial fear of missing out and an even greater one of falling behind. And I use this duo to the best of my advantage! I read and learn and train and study and take courses and get certificates – a touch of anxiety can be great for professional development if you handle it right.

In general, I take good care of myself and I make sure that I have a healthy balance in my life so that I can do justice to my work which I truly enjoy. (Sorry but I love my work. Yes I’m this retro.) Nobody can remain good at what they do if they don’t eat, sleep and exercise right – the human brain needs all this and more to work well. It also helps with not becoming burnt out and dull so that’s a bonus.

In addition to being a full-time linguist, I manage a small fitness park/nature reserve. I took up biodiversity preservation, landscaping and stonewall building (i.e. entered Neanderthal mode) when the rona first hit and I haven’t looked back.

Finally, in my best effort to make my profile stand out, here’s a video of me hurling rocks with almost gorilla-like grace.

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