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Of Slovenian, German and Hungarian ancestry, native in Slovenian and near‑native in English.

Daughter of a hospital lawyer and an engineer, sibling to an entrepreneur and a security officer, a life partner to an IT specialist.

I hold a professional license from the Association of Scientific and Technical Translators of Slovenia and I was the first ever candidate to successfully take their translation exam. I’ve long been the proud owner of a Certificate of Proficiency in English (University of Cambridge, grade A); this is a level C2 (Mastery) degree according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

I’m friendly, patient and reliable. Determined but not (too) stubborn. A fast learner with a variety of interests. I read project instructions carefully and I make sure I understand them. I know where to find precious translation resources and I invest generously into dictionaries and scientific journal subscriptions. I also have access to the EDQM Standard Terms database.

I’ve been reading Slovenian and English books ever since I was a child; I didn’t know it then but I was already building an extensive vocabulary I would come to benefit from so much after choosing languages as my professional path.

I started reading at four, which was considered quite exceptional back then. Took my first English lessons at the age of five and went on to win almost every English language competition I entered. What on earth is an English language competition? It’s this thing we have here in Slovenia where our English teachers pit their pupils against each other.

Anyway, with a couple of language trophies under my belt I caught an early break in the translation business and delivered my first paid translation when I was 14 and I never looked back. Now I can comfortably translate about 2,000 words per day and edit about three times as many.

My languages

I provide English to Slovenian and Slovenian to English translations.

I also studied German, Italian, Croatian and Serbian and I can understand some French, Spanish and Macedonian.

My grasp of multiple languages and the resulting ability to tackle multilingual resources and cooperate with people from diverse linguistic backgrounds smoothly have been working out very well for me and my clients. My privilege of having been a part of multilingual teams has given me a precious insight into the fascinating similarities and differences between many, mostly European languages.


I provide translation, localisation, interpreting, editing and consulting services.

I’m an advanced user of several CAT tools and I know how to put translation memories and terminology databases to good use. I do not shy away from technically demanding projects.

Unless agreed otherwise, confidentiality requirements and all, my translations are checked by my trusted fellow linguists as, being an editor and proofreader myself, I know only too well what a second pair of eyes can do for translation quality. Whenever needed I can arrange for all the necessary controls and checks to deliver a publishing‑quality translation.

If I notice anything the client should be made aware of during the translation process like inconsistencies and severe errors in the source text, I’ll alert the project manager and suggest corrective measures if required.

I produce accurate translations, not guesswork. I know my terminology and I pay particular attention to style and register to make sure my translations are well-adapted to the intended audience.

I offer very affordable rates to charities. I occasionally accept pro bono assignments.

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