Tidbits & TMI

Eva Straus Translator

A translator, interpreter and project manager, with hopes, fears and opinions just like anybody else. Here’s a few:

– I hope they never name a disease after me.

– I hope I’m never to discover a sinkhole by stumbling into it. On a related note, I love birds but I fear they will be the death of me. Whenever I see a raptor up in the air I forget to watch where I’m going, hence my worries regarding sinkholes.

– I hope to make it to a hundred, under the condition I don’t outlive my progeny.

– In case there is reincarnation I would very much like be sent back in 2,000 years, 10,000 years and a million years to see what the humanity and the planet have been up to.

– I love people, animals and plants, and accordingly, I have friends, pets and a garden and I’m very proud of them all.

– I honestly believe that, all things considered and kept in perspective, Slovenia is a great country and probably one of the best in the world to live in.

– I haven’t met many stupid people in my life and I’m not sure there are all that common. Everyone’s smart for something. But there sure are enough people out there who can act dumb really well and sometimes I feel they might be the smartest of us all.

– The instant I heard about the Darwin Awards I knew I was a serious contender. I’m the three Cs: curious, creative and clumsy. Best not left unattended 😀

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