Word order matters: An oddly appropriate Halloween post

Earlier today when I was getting my daily fix of online tabloids doing my vocabulary-building exercises I became fascinated by the following heading:


Two-year-old daughter of one of Britain’s richest men found hanged on a blind cord by her mother at their 12 million London home.


I imagine it didn’t take long before they heard from the grieving mother’s lawyer. The last time I checked the heading read:


Three-year-old daughter of one of Britain’s richest men is found by her mother hanged on a blind cord at their 12m home.


Oh well… Sometimes I wonder if the English language might benefit from reintroducing some of the declensions it used to have. In the meantime, a couple of strategically placed commas could help resolve the delicate matter of who did the finding and who did the hanging nicely.


But seriously, it’s safe to say the parents have enough on their plate without the added aggravation from hastily-composed tabloid headlines.

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